The heart of HOKU are Roberto and Stefano, two brothers with a passion for making and finding innovative solutions to challenges we face in everyday life.

Confident that simplify is the best way to add value to everyday objects, they created HOKU, clearing the lamp design from everything that doesn’t contribute to enlighten the work of the user.

Used to approach problems from different angles, and create new solutions if the available ones don’t fit well enough, Roberto and Stefano are 2 poles apart engineers bond together by a common passion, and inspired by the artistic streak of their father Andrea.

  • Stefano Carisi
    Stefano CarisiProduct Engineer

    With an unmatched passion for creating and transforming everything since his early days, Stefano brings to LimeLab his mechanics and electronics knowledge and bends physical laws to service his imagination and vision.

  • Roberto Carisi
    Roberto CarisiEngineer and Strategist

    With a continuous drive for simplicity and effectiveness, Roberto brings to LimeLab his multiple years of international experience in creating straightforward solutions that smoothly work, and ensures they will reach our homes.

  • Andrea Carisi
      Andrea CarisiMade in Italy & Design Evangelist

      Master of Arts with a life spent merging aesthetic pleasure with everyday design of mansions, fashion boutiques, caravan and cafés, Andrea shapes the artistic soul of LimeLab and is its everyday inspiration.