From idea to project

Rationalizes your value proposition, transform your idea into a project. Starting from the clarification of the idea, you have to analyze your target market, identify the potential target, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the project and define clear objectives – primary and secondary – you intend to achieve.


The natural setting of the crowdfunding is the web, a solid and clear picture of the project and the author is an essential ingredient for the success of the project.

Pre-launch marketing

Build a marketing plan that precedes the campaign, all content must be calibrated on the project objectives and consistent with the intended public. Plan contents for your potential supporters, to inform them, involve them and excite them before the campaign launch. List down all the industry influencers and major newspapers that can tell about your project. Keep your potential contributors updated on the project’s progress, build a simple landing page to collect email addresses. Remember: 50-70% of the contributions to your project will come from the community that you have been able to involve.

A good idea or project, the determination and the courage to get involved, are all essential ingredients for a successful crowdfunding campaign, however, they aren’t always enough.


While defining the project you should have identified a specific target audience for it, now you need to track it down and gradually attract it to the project. Map virtual spaces where the community meets and discuss its interests, gradually build relationships there, to be strengthen while getting closer of the campaign launch.

Offline presence

Actively promote your project offline. Trade shows, industry events, road shows are all valuable opportunities to present yourself to the public in person, to compare yourself with the industry and build strategic relationships for the success of the entire project.


Focus on the core audience, do not waste energies and resources. Attract gradually the community toward the social channels of the project; often in crowdfunding the community gets passionate about your story, about how the idea was born and why developing it makes you wake up with a smile every morning, so, find a way to share it as much as possible with those who want to support you, so that they can feel part of it. Build and plan smart and useful content, you need right now to start a direct involvement with the followers.

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