In the last episode of CrowdPills we covered what content and actions are needed to launch and monitor a crowdfunding campaign.

Now we are live and in the thick of it! This stage requires the most effort on the part of the designer and time flies, just being online is not enough to ensure our future supporters find us.

The average crowdfunding campaign lasts 30 days. It is normal to have ups and downs, but the secret lies in anticipating periods of stalemate, so you can put into practice appropriate techniques to reactivate growth as quickly as possible.

The first plateau usually follows a few days after launch. You will have already sold to the first circle of friends, relatives and eager supporters, who have all contributed to your cause. It is important to arrive at this initial plateau having collected at least 25-30% of your goal, in order to have a credible presence when new interested parties discover the campaign in the subsequent days.

Episode ingredients: tenacity, interaction, engagement, personality.

In the post-launch phase of the project, the key to success is in ongoing monitoring of the campaign, not only in terms of donations, but also regarding the involvement of the community and the media platforms.

And now, let’s see some ideas to revive the campaign during its course!


The campaign must be monitored continuously. Every day you will have to check the progress of the pledges, visits and shares, and interact with your supporters or even the merely curious, to answer their questions that could arrive through the most diverse channels: project page comments, email, social tags, private messages and much more. The time you give to your community and to your project will decide the success of your campaign.


Produce constant updates on project development, your successes, new developments and press generated in printed and online media. The backers should feel part of your journey, co-authors of the project, so do not neglect them and repay their trust. Updates and increased visibility will also show that you are working to make your project a reality, which in turn helps you to achieve greater credibility. Do not hesitate to communicate with clarity and transparency any change of direction; if you need to alter your path the community will understand.


The video is the most exciting part of the whole campaign, it is three minutes of emotion, passion and joy for your supporters. Consider creating new videos, potentially one a week, with behind the scenes footage, bloopers or outtakes from the initial recording, but also details on some product functionalities and how the first prototypes are used by the creators themselves.

People love videos, they watch them, share them and are touched by them. Create new ones so they can continue to watch and share them, increasing the visibility of your project.


Schedule email mailings on a weekly basis to keep your supporters up to date on the campaigns progress and to remind those who have not yet contributed there is still time to help give life to your dream. Do not ask for money, but aim to interest the reader with your passion, your emotion and your hopes. Demonstrate that your project fills a void in their lives, even if they were not previously aware they had unfulfilled needs. If your prospective audience and supporters feel involved they will be encouraged to share their participation socially and on social media, triggering a chain reaction of interest and investment in your cause.


Build a simple spreadsheet or use the tools offered by your crowdfunding platform to track the progress of the campaign and the impact of your communication on the pledges collected. Combining trends in income and community response will give you real time insights, allowing you to understand and navigate what content is truly effective to stimulate your audience.


With the support of analytics, build a communication plan with a time frame of up to two weeks. A crowdfunding campaign is something that lives and evolves constantly and dynamically, so it is crucial not to be rigid when planning, but proceed step by step according to the results obtained gradually. The content can be creative and include a variety of posts, events and competitions that simultaneously publicly thank the supporters and encourage others to support the project.

Blog & Influencer

In preparation for the campaign you will have already made contact with many bloggers and influencers, introducing them to your project. Now it’s time to let them know that the project is a reality, keep them abreast of developments and give them new content to follow up on articles already written and encourage interest from those who have not yet responded or spread the word. Aim to maximize media coverage! Exclusive materials and content are always highly appreciated by journalists, created on an ad hoc basis to be used to accompany interviews and statements.

Paid Marketing

Consider sponsoring your campaign with the paid services offered by google, Facebook and other advertising options. Carefully weigh and compare the cost of acquisition of these channels, but remember that no campaign now reaches significant numbers without resorting to some form of sponsored advertising. Monitor the results of different marketing campaigns daily so you can focus your advertising efforts on user profiles with a higher conversion rate. Graphics and videos that refer back to the project have a greater impact, use smart and intuitive content that make the public curious to learn more about your campaign.


Constantly observe how your audience responds to the rewards structure you designed. If the campaign has been slow, examine the system of rewards and consider adding “early bird specials” at reduced cost and quantity, to stimulate an influx of supporters with limited offers at favorable prices.

If the campaign is producing good results, think about how to enrich your campaign with new rewards that can gratify your supporters and encourage them to contribute even more. Consider binding the new rewards to specific actions, such as sharing on social media or bonuses for involving a new backer. Remember that word of mouth is the lever most difficult to turn, but also the most powerful.

Stretch Goals 

Once you reach your goal, using stretch goals is the best way to continue taking advantage of the momentum and keep the community involved in a dream that can now broaden its horizons.

One way to expand your target is to set a new goal, more ambitious than the original. If your new goal is reached all your supporters will benefit, both those who have already contributed and those who have yet to do so. In this way, all will have a vested interest that the new target is reached, in order to benefit from the new advantages brought into play.

Examples such as new colors, new materials, an additional chapter in a book or a personalized handwritten thank you note can all add dimension to your campaign. As with the initial goal, stretch goals should be achievable and add real value to your community

Be stubborn, if you believe in your project so will your community! Turn your accomplishments into their accomplishments and get ready, the journey does not end with the success of the campaign!

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