HOKU – Milky Way

In the Oxy collection, the natural light of HOKU blends with fine art in a unique artistic finish.

Each lamp is manually decorated with a variety of metal based paints to reproduce the natural effect of oxidised metals, for a truly unique effect.

  • Milky Way: the base midnight blue colour is speckled with hints of bronze and verdigris

Oxy collection is available in both Focus™ and Wellbeing™ edition.

Due to its handcrafted nature, while sharing the same base colours blend, each lamp is different and the distribution of its speckles can slight differ from the model in the photos.


Product Description

HOKU combines efficiency with the most advanced technology to bring to life a table lamp from which you would never want to be separated.

Designed and hand-made in Italy to be intuitive; it only needs to be touched to reproduce the daylight that filters through a window on a sunny day, allowing you to remain productive at any time.

HOKU is a project of research into the future of light and creativity, it is functional yet makes you feel the emotional side of the space, thanks to the particular natural light it emanates. In its most advanced version, HOKU Wellbeing™, it can be used in 3 revolutionary ways:

Candle™, Relax™ and Focus™*.

Crafted from a single piece of laser cut alloy steel and powder coated to create a scratch resistant finishing, HOKU reflects the desire to extend even to materials and production processes the aspect of environmental sustainability, strength and durability that characterises LEDs: it has indeed a life of over 20 years, during which it does not lose its brightness.

To learn more about how light can change your space and improve your mood and productivity, take a look clicking here.

* Candle™: perfect to recreate the warm light typical of a candle, for a relaxing chat in bed, a cuddle, or a nice movie;
Relax™: not every reading requires the same level of focus, and Relax™ is exactly what you need to read a nice book in your lounge, in front of a fireplace or before falling asleep;
Focus™: when you need to work late, without the tiredness of common artificial light, but just the comfort of the best daylight, Focus™ is what you need.

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 x 45 x 15 cm
Energy Class


Luminous flux

From 12 to 600 lumen (equivalent to a 50W incandescent lamp)


From 20 to 1500 lux



Colour Temperature



Philips Lumiled


50’000+ hours


2.8m poly-cotton braided flex